What is a Cat6 Cable?

A Category 6 cable is a type of standard Ethernet cable used in gigabit (GB) Ethernet-based computers. Also known as the Cat6 cable, this cabling system is the sixth generation of twisted pair Ethernet wiring and was mutually defined by the Electronics Industries Association and Telecommunication Industries Association in 2002. It is used primarily for computer networks that can obtain a GB, 1000 Mbps or 1 gigabit per second (Gbps). The higher version of Cat6 cable known as the Cat6a can speed up to 10 Gbps.

The Cat6 cable has four pairs of utilized copper wires which are used for data transfer. Unlike with the previous twisted pair cable versions, the Cat6 offers attenuation security, an improved crosstalk, and a stringent requirement for system noise. It is consists of components which are identified as completely backward compatible with all lower categories and has interoperability. This means that the Category 6 components are coordinated to form a marginally compliant Category 6 channel even if the Cat6 is obtained from different vendors. A Category 6 component can also serve as a substitute to boost a Category 5/5e channel because of its backward compatibility factor. While it’s not always easy to manufacture a cable that has a backward compatible or interoperability feature, it still provides functionality and durable benefits to the end-user.

Like with the Category 5 and 5e standards, the Category 6 components have similar minor Impedance of 100 Ohms but with a more stringent tolerance on Impedance variations. Impedance variations are indicated based from the “Return Loss.” In a designed cabling system, the Return Loss can be determined by the amount of transmitted signal that is caused by the impedance gap between the cable and the connecting hardware. Higher rates of Return Loss shows improved Impedance compatibility between components and lower signal reflections and re-reflections. Greater levels of reflections that are created by poor ends between connectors and cables damage the power transfer between the transmitter and the receiver. This is why careful installation procedures should be followed to avoid such complications in the system.

cat6 cableThe Cat6 cable offers better Bit Error Rate (BER) for Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet networks. When the networking devices are jammed, complications regarding bits and re-transmission occur. The lesser the bit errors are, the more productive and efficient your network is in transferring the information.

The Cat6 cables and components have the same installation procedure as the Category 5 and 5e cables. When installing a Cat6 cable, an installer must always pay attention to the cable terminations and the cable pathway fill. It’s important to consider larger cable diameters when routing and the maintenance of the twisted pair when terminating. It’s also important to follow the procedures in the termination of connectors because wrong termination can largely affect the performance of a network.

There have always been controversies and comparisons between Category 6 and the Category 5/5e. While Category 5/5e is enough, Category 6 has shown fewer bit errors and provides higher cabling system transmission characteristics in most cases. The Cat6 cables are also less prone to internal noise and display better behavior regarding internal interference ratios. When a Category 6 cabling system is installed, it offers potential high speed data applications to the present and the future by providing wider bandwidth and transmission characteristics. Most end-users won’t even notice the difference between the two cabling systems but it’s always better to consider the benefits that are given in the chosen networks. As long as the right components and cables are installed, a good response from a Category 6 cable can be achieved and minimal internal noise will be experienced.

Why Have a Live Chat Service

There are many occasions wherein how you treat your customer would be the only thing that separates you from your competitors. However, you may find that being able to offer convenience can be costly, especially if you think that the only way to be able to efficiently offer service is to hire more people to answer inquiries.

For this reason, you need to think of ways to cut down the cost while maintaining the efficiency of your customer service. A live chat service can do that for you – it makes you able to use your existing personnel while delivering more of your service to your customers. Here are some of the perks that you get when you offer customer service through online chat.

Live Chat Service Makes Your Customer’s Life Easier

live chat serviceHaving a chat service to answer inquiries definitely allows your customers to get all the answers they need without having to fall in the operator queue. At the same time, it allows them to be able to multitask their activities without having to be tied to the phone. That way, you enable them to shop through your website at work, or even on the go. Just make sure that your site is efficient for mobile devices and your customers can access your customer service department anytime, anywhere. If you can provide real time convenience, then expect more customers logging in to your website.

Live Chat Service Gives You an Edge

A chat service allows you to enjoy leverage over your competitors by providing not only customized customer service, but also allows you to find out all the touch points in your services that you can improve. That also means that you can funnel the customers using the chat service right into your services and products through adding value to the items that they already have in their shopping cart.

Moreover, you are also able to address particular needs of every customer by being able to view their previous inquiries and navigation behavior in your website. Since all chat representatives can pull out this data in no time at all, you are able to provide them their exact needs, even before they ask for it. Note that most of your competitors are probably very busy shoving their products to potential clients. You, however, can cut down a customer’s shopping time by front lining the products that are truly relevant to them. That provides you another form of leverage – they have more time to look around your store and buy additional products.

Live Chat Service Generates More Profit

A chat service allows you to cut down the cost of hiring by allowing your customer service representatives to multitask by opening multiple windows and use canned responses efficiently to cut down the handling time. Not only does this move removes the hefty cost of overheads and additional salary, being able to target niche customers by identifying and providing their needs allows you to develop deeper customer relationships. Deep relationships mean long-term clients who are willing to promote your products.

At the same time, since you are able to classify customer behavior, you would be able to target similar customers with similar shopping behavior and customize your services according to what is convenient for them. When you see to it that your business provides targeted products through targeted marketing, you guarantee your business that you will no longer be creating products and services in the dark. You are ably to create more profit by having the guarantee that all the goods that you offer have a particular customer. That does not only diminish the waste in your warehouse, but also protect future investments while generating sure profit.

3 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional SEO Company

The Benefits of Using the Services of a Reliable SEO Firm:

In today’s internet driven world, businesses must definitely maintain websites that will make them visible and competitive online. To do so, they should understand search engine optimization and the secrets to staying ahead in this aspect of online marketing. Some entrepreneurs opt to do SEO themselves. But for businessmen who are not familiar with SEO or those who do not have time for SEO marketing, hiring the services of a professional SEO company is a wise move. Aside from saving their precious time, business owners can get a better chance that their websites would rank higher on search engine sites and turn potential clients into actual customers. Here are three reasons why it is better to hire a professional SEO firm than to do SEO yourself.

You would have more time to concentrate on other aspects of your business:

Building a website and its components, the website’s content and keywords, html and design layout, could be time-consuming and distracting to your overall business strategy. Unless you’re an adept website designer who has a lot of time to spare, it would be wise to use the expertise of a top SEO company. Hiring a professional SEO firm allows you to focus on other aspects of your business such as improving your products or services, managing your staff and looking after the finances of your business. Operating a business is definitely not an easy task. Don’t overburden yourself by doing SEO if somebody more knowledgeable in that field can do your website for you.

Good SEO firms understand how SEO works and can do the work faster:

Building a website is a SEO Companycomplicated task and getting ahead in search engine optimization is an equally difficult task as well. There are various factors that affect a website’s ranking on search engines such as latent semantic indexing and keyword optimization. Likewise, search engine sites such as Google also regularly change their way of ranking websites. Dealing with SEO could be perplexing for laymen.

For someone who has no time to deal with a system as complicated as search engine marketing, it is definitely a wise move to hire the services of a good SEO firm. A reliable SEO firm would do its best to market and optimize the client’s business website as well as increase its ranking on search engine pages. And the best SEO firm would even attune its work to your business strategies to help you achieve your goals.

Since a good SEO company devises strategies that fit your business style and has the appropriate tools in doing so, the firm can also build your website at a faster pace than if you build it yourself. As such, you can expect that your website would be online faster, making your business visible to potential clients.

Top SEO firms are good in designing websites and creating content:

The layout and content of a website are essential components of online marketing. And good SEO firms typically offer website designing as well. That includes designing websites that could be easily indexed by search engines.  Visitors could be attracted to a site if it is easy to use and if it is properly designed. Likewise, visitors would likely read a website with excellent content than websites with poor content.

Because a good SEO company has a professional SEO team that understands SEO principles, it is expected that members of the team understand how optimize the content that they create. As such, the team would likely know how to apply Meta descriptions and how to choose and distribute essential keywords into the online content, giving the client’s website a better chance to rank higher in search engine pages.

If you understand SEO and know how to design a website, you may choose to do it on your own. But if you are new to SEO, it is better that you ask the help of a professional SEO company. The firm has experienced experts who know how SEO works and how to make your website land on the first pages of search engines. Likewise, using their services would also help you concentrate on other aspects of your business such as its finance and staff management.

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4 SEO Topics That Will Fry Your Brain

Search the acronym SEO right now in any major platform and you’re going to be in for a long day. There are millions of different opinions on the matter that you are going to have to become a super reader if you want to get into anything worthwhile. A lot of articles being published today aren’t very good, and some of them even have half-truths, or myths attached to them. When you start to break down all the SEO Topics that are out there, you’re going to have to fight through a lot of advertising, in order to get to the meat of the writing.

That’s not to say that there isn’t any good writing, but a grand majority seems very generalized. The purpose of a lot of websites that feature discussion and ideas in regards to optimization strategies, and more, are set up to make money. There are very few sites that discuss SEO Topics and have no advertising at all. That’s a tell-tale sign as to what people are saying and why.

There are a few topics thatSEO Topics will not only be tough to understand, there are some that are downright difficult to comprehend. For those that “get it”, the future may seem optimistic, but implementing the right strategies today is a complicated task that even the most experienced internet engineers have to worry about. The following are just some quick ones that you’ll be arguing with and struggling to figure out completely today.

The Best Article Marketing Strategy

Content is king on the internet, and it’s repeated by every major marketing talent on the web right now. You will be hard-pressed not to agree with this one. However, article directories aren’t necessarily good for your optimization solutions. It’s for that reason that some people claim that you should not update any articles at all. Other companies tell you to post as much content as you can with backlinks to your site. Which one is right? Well the topic is up for debate, and you will find yourself believing pieces from both sides of the argument.

How Many Backlinks Do You need?

The next topic that is difficult to manage is in regards to backlinks. How many do you have to implement before you get any traffic? There are a lot of pages that are touting you should have 1,000 links placed in order to start seeing any sort of return on your investment. The truth is that there is no “one” number for everyone. There may be, but it’s not revealed to most. That doesn’t stop people from righting, speculating and trying to get their hands on the most links possible.

The Death of SEO

This is a common article topic, and it’s one that many people subscribe to. The notion that the world of SEO is dying right now or it is completely dead is popular, as people want to say that SEM is far better. Others are in opposition to this notion because they are seeing organic, natural traffic flow to their pages. Is it really dying? Is it all a matter of conjecture? It’s difficult to say, but one thing is for sure, millions of dollars are spent finding out whether or not it actually works.

Who’s The Best At SEO?

One of the most prolific searches you are going to find on the internet is that of what company is the best SEO service to get your optimization from. You will find that internet marketing can turn into a very confusing place to work within, especially since so many topics are difficult to navigate through. Finding the “best” is tough, and it’s made even harder when every major company makes the claim to being the absolute best.